Sunday, May 24, 2015

May 4, 2015 - Two months

Ya guys,

Imma vomit.  There's only two months left of my best two years.  I thought they just started.  The mission office sent me an email to confirm my departure date, which is 8 June 2015.  Then they will buy my plane tickets.  How far away is that plane?  Imma vomit.

Well, I'm still adjusting to this crazy place.  Caldwell is full of trees and rich Europeans.  We live in what Jersey people call "the mountain," or what people call "hills" in Utah.  Hopefully, we don't catch Lyme disease!

So far, we have two people who have accepted a date to be baptized at the end of the month: Jaden and Yana.  They look forward to it!  Hopefully Jaden's parents and Yana's husband will be active as a result.

We just had interviews at the beginning of the week.  Basically, President Taggart and I just talked about me going home in two months.  Imma vomit.

Well, there it is.  Love y'all.


Elder deJesus

Never mind.  8 July 2015 is the departure date, as my non-American Haitian friend thankfully corrected me.  I guess I was trunky for no reason.

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